John Fowler MC

John Fowler is a professional Master of Ceremonies.

Armed with a great sense of humour, infectious smile and a joke for every topic, John will keep your audience entertained from the beginning to the end of your event/ function.

A lifelong fan of darts, John represented Oxfordshire on numerous occasions, before turning his passion into a career in 2012. John has called events around the globe, including Germany and Japan!

Listen to and read a couple of interviews with John below.

Following an incredible night’s Darts, John took to the stage in Monroes to MC the Adrian Lewis Exhibition for the Hand in Hand Children’s Charity and Rosabels Rooms.

John spoke to John Mulligan of Galway Bay FM afterwards- listen below:


Interview with (link to original post)

John Fowler has become one of the most well known MCs on the exhibition and tournament circuit over the last few years, appearing at events up and down the country, and earlier this week I had the chance to chat to John and ask him a few questions. First of all, I asked him how he became interested in darts, “I started playing darts with my mates in the pub in 1975 and then got asked to play for the B team in 1976. I moved to the A team the following season and started superleague in 1979. I then played my first county match for Oxfordshire in December 1981, winning 2-1. I had a break for a few years (except for a few games for Buckinghamshire) and then came back to Oxfordshire in 1998. I started calling at county games to help out,” John said.

“I don’t care about the size of the audience as long as they all go home happy”

“I don’t care about the size of the audience as long as they all go home happy”

“I’ve had a few jobs over the years, mainly factory or warehouse jobs. I did my first exhibition in 2009 and then when I lost my parents in 2011 and 2012, I decided to go professional as a darts MC and referee. I enjoy all aspects of my job, exhibitions and official matches.”

All exhibitions and competitions are different, and being the compere for those events means that you experience all kinds of moments on the job. On that topic, I asked John what sorts of memorable moments he has had working as an MC, “All my experiences have been memorable, but working with Eric Bristow MBE for the first time stands out as well as all my trips abroad. I’ve just got back from my second trip to Japan and I’ve also been to Germany 16 times, Spain 3 times, Switzerland, Ireland and Malta, as well as working all over England, Scotland and Wales.”

“I enjoy working with everyone in exhibitions and it would be unfair to name anyone in particular. I also don’t mind about what size the audience is as long as they all go home happy.”

John is certainly a rising star in the master of ceremonies industry, with him only starting relatively recently in comparison to some, and as he told me, he has a busy few months ahead, “I’ve got four more trips to Germany booked this year, and Malta as well as England and Scotland and bookings are coming in for 2018. I would like to add more countries to my CV and it would be great to host some events on TV as I’ve been on lifestream before.”

Image Credits: Amber Dew Events and Norfolk Chamber of Commerce